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REL - T9 Active Subwoofer

RM 4,550.00 RM 8,320.00

The T-9 was developed and designed to bring true REL sub-bass performance to audiophiles on a budget without sacrificing any of the traditional REL Sub-Bass System strengths. You'll find the same cabinetry design and build techniques, quality of parts, unique connectivity and the stunning slam and depth found on even the most costly REL models.

The REL T-9 sits at the top of the Serie T range in both price and performance point. Bettering the T-7 by virtue of the use of a 10" active drive unit and a more powerful 300 - watt power amplifier, it is more a appropriate choice for the largest of rooms, home cinema systems and best mated with larger speakers.

The T-9 is capable of slam and depth due to the exceptional strength and bracing incorporated in the enclosure. For example, the bracing is wedged into channels on both the side and top walls enhancing the "energy control" abilities of the cabinet resulting in clearer and deeper bass. Much like the principals that determine the sound of an acoustic musical instrument, the control of resonance and vibration results in a high degree of musical clarity. Even the aluminum feet, due to their high mass and strength, contribute to the enclosure's overall inertness.

REL Connectivity

A special proprietary REL High-Level Input cable is provided with each REL Sub-Bass System and is the preferred method of connecting the REL to your main speakers. This cable joins the REL to your system by connecting to the left and right channel speaker terminals of your amplifier or surround-sound receiver. This allows the REL to receive the exact same signal as your main speakers, providing for a seamless integration of low frequencies into your system. This is a very important point and together with REL'ss Natural RollOff™ circuitry, ensures far superior system integration of the Sub-Bass System with the main system. The High-Level connection is active whether you use your system in two-channel music or surround-sound mode. This connectivity method offers noticeable sonic improvements over the common RCA low-level interface by not only delivering the missing low frequencies by creating the realization of a "lifelike illuminated acoustic space", otherwise known as the "REL effect." Virtually any conventional separate power amplifier, integrated amplifier or receiver can be used with REL Sub-Bass Systems. Even most Class D amplifiers can interface as REL incorporates REL-D™ circuitry providing the appropriate impedance and grounding for digital amplification.

REL Theater Reference™

In order to take full advantage of the Low Frequency Effects channel (LFE), a channel intended for low-frequency content in film soundtracks, REL provided a .1/LFE input. Most multi-channel processors or surround-sound receivers incorporate a special subwoofer output that bypasses any internal crossover circuitry. It is with this output LFE content can be accurately reproduced and controlled independently of the High-Level input signal. Additionally, both High-Level and .1/LFE signals can be used and adjusted simultaneously in a multi-channel system. By supporting both main, centre and surround speakers with bass reinforcement, your system will sound more realistic, musical and alive through improved dynamics, range and scale of the music or film score.

T9 Features

Custom-designed 10" long-throw active down-firing drive units and 10" front-firing passive radiator.
Powerful 300 watt Class A/B power amplifier.
3 Separate Rotary Controls for (1) Hi/Low Level (2) .1/LFE Level (3) Crossover Frequency.
Dedicated inputs for Hi Level (Speakon), Low Level (RCA) and .1 (RCA) each with individual volume control. Speaker level and the LFE input can be used simultaneously.
Extremely low crossover points that allow seamless "blending" with any loudspeaker.
Accommodation of Dolby Digital AC3, DTS, MPEG 2 and any other digital sound format that includes a dedicated Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel.
Proprietary REL-D™ digital amplifier input provides the appropriate Impedance and grounding environment for most Class D amplifiers
9 coats of hand-rubbed piano gloss black lacquer or high-gloss white.
Nickel plated steel hardware throughout. Milled aluminum feet.


Type:Passive Radiator, front-firing passive radiator, down-firing active woofer
Active Drive Unit:10 in., 254 mm long-throw, steel chassis
Passive Radiator:10in., 254mm
Lower Frequency Response:28Hz at -6bB in room
Input Connectors:Hi Level Neutrik Speakon, Lo Level single phono, LFE phono
Input Impedance:High Level: 150k, Low Level: 10k, .1/LFE: 10k ohms
Gain Control Range:80 dB
Power Output:300 Watts (RMS)
Phase Switch:Yes, 0 or 180 degrees
Amplifier Type:Class AB
Protection System
Fully Electronic SET-SAFE:
D.C. Fault:Yes
Output Short:Yes
Mains Input Voltage:220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
Fuses:3.15 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation,
6.3 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation
Dimensions (W x H x D):13 x 14.75 x 14.75 in., (330 x 374.6 x 374.6 mm)

Weight: 20kg