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Audica - CX-S Surround Speaker

RM 675.00 RM 1,350.00

Frequency   : 80Hz - 23KHz

Sensitivity     : 88dB

Product Descriptions

Audica CX Series achieves audiophile quality reproduction but has plenty of power to keep up with the drama of a movie soundtrack. Designing the CX-Series loudspeakers, Audica employed the very latest model simulation software to optimiz

e the drive unit and cabinet construction. This tool allows them to cover in one day what normally takes weeks testing empirically, this effectively means they can explore many possible solutions and then select the very best one.

The cabinet of each speaker is constructed from extruded high-grade alloys. Its section is shaped in such a way as to cancel rearward firing standing waves from the driver thus increasing driver efficiency and decreasing cabinet resonance.

The CX2 5.1 system is the popular choice when a discreet, yet stylish system is required in the modern home.  The system comprises of two pairs of CX-S satellite speakers for fronts and rears, a CX-C centre channel and the powerful CX-SUB. This 5.1 system offers exceptional value for money and the performance is comparable to many system with a much higher price tag.


Audica CX-S Surround

  • Enclosure Type - 2-Way Reflex
  • Enclosure Material - Aluminium
  • LF Units - 2 x 50mm Neodinium
  • HF Units - 1 x 20mm Dome Tweeters
  • Power Handling - 40W-100W
  • Frequency - 80Hz - 23KHz
  • Sensitivity - 88dB
  • Weight - 1.4kg
  • Dimensions - W75 X H210 X D185