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Audio Pro - Radio One R-20BT ( Display Unit )

RM 450.00 RM 1,180.00

Maybe the radio isn’t as popular as it once were, but we feel that the radio is far too exciting be forgotten. That’s why: enter Radio One!

The radio has been a fundamental part of every man’s home for the last 90 years. Today, the traditional radio may not possess the same appeal. But down the path of history war and peace has been declared over the radio. Radio dramas has taken place before dedicated listeners. Championships have spellbound millions and millions again. In short, the 90-year-old radio has had an enormous impact on the history of man. 

And because of that, Audio Pro feels that it is significant to put this old friend into the limelight. We want a new awekening for the radio. And our plan is simple. With superior reception and sound quality, a high gloss panel with proximity sensor controls, a soft leather encasing and Bluetooth, Radio One will be the natural choice for all situations, a small and convenient sound source stylish at home. Of course, as we are Audio Pro, you can connect a powered subwoofer. In addition, you can use Radio One as a clock radio with alarm, sleep and snooze functions. So, use Radio One any way you like, and with your favourite music source connected to it. Or just listen to the radio. It’s not half bad.



FM RDS tuner with 6 presets

Frequency range: 87,5 – 108MHz


3” fullrange

Bass reflex cabinet



1 x Line in (3,5 mm stereo jack)

15V 1.6A DC, external power supply


Subwoofer out (3,5 mm jack)

Headphones jack (3,5 mm stereo jack)

Battery back-up for clock

Alarm, snooze and sleep function

Size H200xD147x W125mm

Bluetooth V2.0 A2DP for audio streaming