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AudioPro - LV-SUB - Wireless Subwoofer

RM 1,280.00 RM 2,280.00
  • DSP digital control,
  • Amplifier - 200W ; Class D

Product Descriptions

Living LV-SUB is the ideal subwoofer to add more bass to your Living speakers. In addition to serving as a wireless subwoofer in the Living system, the LV-SUB Flat also connectsas a standard subwoofer to any audio device with a subwoofer output.

LV-SUB performs a powerful, deep and well-balanced bass. Audio Pro's hallmark since 1978 has always been massive bass response. On the rear you will find the manual controls for crossover frequency and bass level, as well as switches for wireless or wired connection. With a Class D amplifier 200W, along with a long-throw 8 "woofer and a DSP control the LV-SUB does wonders for bass supply in your home.

The execution is the same unique design as the rest of Living series, beautifully rounded corners and dressed in black or white leather with hand-stitched seams.


AudioPro LV-SUB

  • Hang it on wall - Easily hang LV-SUB Flat on walls with the enclosed wall brackets.
  • Easy to use - We design our products to be very easy to use. That's why our speakers need only power; our wireless units need no software and our transmitter only a sound source. Connect the speakers to power, connect the transmitter to your computer (or other device) and play your music.
  • Go wireless or wired - Besides working as a wireless subwoofer in the Living network, LV-SUB Flat can be used as an ordinary subwoofer: Connect to any receiver/speaker with a subwoofer output.
  • Automatically connect to network - LV-SUB Flat is very easy to install, it connects itself automatically to your existing wireless Living network. Just plug into socket, and you are done! Volume is adjusted in the network via all other Living speakers.