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Denon AVR-2313 7.2 AV Receiver

RM 2,880.00 RM 3,380.00


Denon is a company that’s know for producing high quality products year after year. The Denon AVR 2313 is one of those high quality products. Of Denon’s CI receivers, it represents the neglected middle child of the bunch. The other two, the Denon 2113CI and the Denon 3313CI are its more popular siblings. The pricier 3313 is the cool a/v receiver that all the audiophiles hang out with. The 2113 is the least expensive of the bunch so it get’s invited to all the parties. This leaves the Denon 2313 by it’s lonesome. Don’t feel too bad for the 2313 because what all the audiophiles and cool kids don’t realize is that the 2313 is loaded with tons of fantastic features from Airplay support to 4K passthrough and upscaling. They just don’t know what they’re missing.

Denon 2313 Features at a Glance

    • 105 Watts per channel
    • 7.2 Channels
    • 4K Passthrough and Upscaling
    • 6 HDMI Inputs and 2 Outputs
    • Ethernet Network Connection
    • AirPlay Support
    • Discrete amp configuration
    • Multi-Zone
    • RS-232 and IP Control for third-party controllers


Denon AVR 2313 Connectivity

The Denon 2313 gives you a wide variety of connection options. You get 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, 2 component inputs, a hand full of analog audio/video inputs, 2 digital coaxial and 2 digital optical inputs. The front of the 2313 also includes an HDMI input and a USB input. If you have an HDMI compatible camcorder you can plug it into the front HDMI and play your content on your tv. The front USB works great for connecting an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android device to the receiver which allows you to play any of your compressed or uncompressed music files easily. The only thing that’s questionable about the Denon AVR 2313 is the fact that it only has 6 HDMI inputs. Six will be enough in most cases, but if you do have a large home theater setup with a copious amount of equipment you may find yourself running out HDMI inputs. Some less expensive receivers link the Onkyo 616 and the Onkyo 515 come with more HDMI inputs than the more expensive 2313.


Denon 2313 Features

Denon 2313

The Denon 2313 incorporates an intuitive setup assistant when you first fire it up that walks you through step by step through the setup process. Denon like most major a/v manufacturers also has a control app that’s available for download for free. This app like most a/v apps allows you to control most of the main functions of the Denon 2313. The 2313 is also Control4 certified which means it work seamlessly with home automation systems.

Denon 2313 iPhone App

The 2313 is a network receiver and as such if offers a wide range of streaming media options. For instance, once attached to your network you get instant access to a variety of internet radio stations and services such as Pandora, SiriusXM, and Spotify. The Denon 2313 is also Airplay compatible. Once the 2313 is on your network, you can send or “push” your music directly to the receiver when you turn on your Apple device. When you do this the receiver automatically switches to Airplay mode so that you can have hours of music enjoyment. In addition, the Denon AVR 2313CI is also DLNA certified which means it can communicate with other DLNA devices on your network like your PC, thereby allowing you to stream music directly from your PC.


The Denon 2313 offers 7 discrete channels rated at about 105 watts per channel. It’s capable of upscaling all the way up to 4K resolution (which is roughly 4x the resolution of 1080p) and the 2 HDMI outputs both support ARC (Audio Return Channel). A rather cool feature of the 2313 is that it has assignable amps. This means that you can take 2 of the rear channels and re-assign them to front width or height speakers. Some people feel that front height or width speakers make for a more a immersive experience, while others feel that it does little to add to a home theater experience. As with anything else this is very subjective and is something you may want to experiment with to see what sounds best to you. Another nice feature of the 2313 is it’s powered zone 2 operations. You can assign two of the channels to 2 speakers in a separate room. However, the 2313 will only pass audio to a second zone, not video.


As far as calibration, the Denon AVR 2313 uses the highly touted Audyssey MultEQ XT.  With the Audyssey calibration you simply setup a microphone at six locations in your room. The receiver then sends test tones through your speakers and based on the acoustics and speaker arrangement it optimizes your home theater system so that you get an optimal listening experience. You also have the option of having a Audyssey-certified installer come in and calibrate your system using a professional microphone and taking measurements from 32 different positions in the room.



The Denon 2313 packs a lot of features in it’s small frame. It may not be as powerful as it’s big brother the Denon 3313, but it still packs quite a punch. On the negative side, a couple of extra HDMI inputs would have been nice and it would have been nice if the included remote control functioned as a universal  remote. That being said, the MSRP of the 2313 is $899, but it’s been selling for as little as $599. If you factor in all of the features you get with the 2313 it’s a bargain