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Mission - SX-2 BookShelf Speaker

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Cabinet Construction

Sweeping curves across every cabinet surface are there for a reason. As well as hindering the production of internal standing waves, each cabinet is constructed from a precise formula of interleaving wood layers, glued and pressed at high temperature for 48 hours and then left to cool naturally so that internal stresses are eliminated. The result is a cabinet of acoustically inert properties – a perfect chassis for the working parts of the loudspeaker.

Drive Units

Some of the innovative improvements for SX Series include the composite alloy based diaphragms of the midrange and bass units which provide detailed sonic performance and extremely low distortion from the driver due to the stiffness of the material. The Mission TD treble unit dome is made of light but very rigid Titanium which reproduces high frequencies with astonishing clarity and purity. Integrated into the front of each cabinet is a die cast and precision engineered aluminium driver support baffle. This supports the high-tech drive units and keeps them in precise alignment as well as ensuring freedom from extraneous vibration. In addition the new Mission TD treble unit is mounted on its support to keep it free from the perturbations of mechanical energy imparted from the bass unit.

Mission SX2 Review

"there's no real chink in their armour. There's a fullness to lows, emotion to the midrange and decisive, accurate high frequencies which all makes for a very entertaining combination" - What Hi-Fi? Sound And Vision


  • Bookshelf / Standmount 
  • Bass reflex  enclosure
  • 2-way speakers
  • 160mm aluminium cone woofer
  • 25mm titanium dome tweeter
  • 85dB sensitivity (1w @ 1m)
  • 20-100W reccomended amp power
  • 100W peak power output
  • 102dB peak SPL
  • 6-8 Ohms nominal impedance
  • 3.9 Ohms minimum impedance
  • 58Hz-42kHz frequency response
  • 50Hz bass extension
  • 2.2kHz crossover frequency
  • 381 x 231 x 365mm
  • 10kg