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Mission M-Isphere Mini Speaker (Pair)

RM 690.00 RM 1,380.00

Audio Sensitivity             : 85 dB

Crossover Description    : 140Hz-14kHz +/-6dB

Product Descriptions

Mission moved away from the traditional speaker enclosure with the M-iSphere and M-iSphere mini - hemispherical - designed speakers which contain a single driver engineered to create detailed and complex sound pressure radiation patterns. M-iSphere is the first of Mission’s products to utilize its Linear Reproduction Technology (LRT) - compared to other speaker systems that include a ‘crossover’ to split the frequency, LRT allows a single driver to reproduce a completely linear response to ensure that what comes out of the speaker is exactly the same as what came in.


Mission M-Isphere Mini Speaker

  • Driver Configuration - Lrt technology
  • Frequency Response Curve - 90Hz-12kHz
  • Audio Sensitivity - 85 dB
  • Impedance - 6
  • Crossover Description - 140Hz-14kHz +/-6dB
  • Speaker Driver Material Type - Treated Paper
  • RMS Power Range (Amplifiers) - 20 watts