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Naim - NAC-112X Pre. Amplifier (Display Unit)

RM 4,500.00 RM 7,425.00

Analogue inputs       : 6

Input sensitivities     : 75mV, 47kOhm

Product Descriptions

The Naim NAC 112 was first introduced in 2001 and used to pair with the NAP-150 power amplifier. The overall character of the Naim 112/150 combination with the Harbeth Monitor 30 was slightly warm and dark, albeit in a very natural way, with a perspective that put you up close and personal with the performance. While listening to Jazz strings music, I could easily imagine listening to the band live in a jazz club while sitting a couple of tables away. The playing is wonderfully evocative, with recorded string tone that's gorgeous, natural and emotive. The Naim allows you to hear each musician's contribution to the whole.


Naim NAC-112X Pre. Amplifier

  • Input sensitivities - 75mV, 47kOhm
  • auxiliary inputs - Tuner, Tape, CD, etc.) 
  • Output levels - 75mV, 600 Ohm (tape/AV/Aux)
  • Main output - 0.775V, <50 Ohm
  • Overload margin - 35dB (all inputs, all audio frequencies) 
  • Dimensions(w x d x h) - 432 x 301 x 58.4mm