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Primare - CD-22 Cd Player - ( 6months Old)

RM 5,000.00 RM 8,880.00

First impressions: I had almost convinced myself that physical digital media were in the wane, but the Primare CD22 has reminded me that the CD format is still very much alive and kicking. While I do believe that a computer-based source offers great convenience and flexibility, it comes with its own set of problems (which we won’t go into here).

The point is, making it sound good requires considerable effort – and when a one-box solution can produce such quality sound, one starts to question the wisdom of diverging from the tried-and-tested path of the dedicated CD player in the first place.

The brand Primare brings to mind the image of simple elegance, and the CD22 doesn’t buck the trend. At 10.5kg, it is quite a hefty piece of machinery, and built like a tank. Its very sturdy chassis is lifted off the shelf by a trio of feet, with a minimalistic front panel that has a flush-mounted CD drawer and a mere three control buttons. The CD22 is visually stunning, but more importantly, has a high level of performance.

Specs: The CD22 is a vastly different animal from the traditional models of old. It incorporates the latest developments in digital playback, making it a truly modern-day player. Its digital engine is a Burr-Brown PCM1792 DAC chip, which is 24-bit/192kHz capable. Users can choose to play their CDs at stock 44.1kHz resolution or upsample to 48, 96 or 192kHz resolutions.

For further refinement, the CD22 incorporates a five-second memory buffer, which they say provides jitter suppression and protection from mechanical shock.

The CD22 also has a USB port at the back, which enables playback of lossy MP3 or WMA files but not lossless WAV or FLAC formats. Other features are de rigueur – a pair of stereo RCA outputs, digital coaxial and optical outputs, but no balanced connectors.

Care has been taken to keep the signal paths short, by way of surface-mounted devices and separate PCB modules. All audio circuits are also powered by separate transformer windings, apparently. Furthermore, the transport is a Sanyo unit made specifically for audio purposes, not just a mere CD-ROM unit.

Performance: I’ve had brief experiences with Primare gear before, but never one at length. Those fleeting impressions had always been good, but living with the CD22 for more than a month has only raised its standing higher in my book.

The review unit was new out of the box, and even without any run-in, it was obvious that it had excellent drive and timing. There was some initial stridency in the highs, yet the music drove along with amazing agility. It smoothed out after about a day of continuous play, and I seemed to enjoy it more with each listening session.

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