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Shunyata Model-2

RM 1,190.00 RM 1,730.00
  • 2400 watts @ 20amps continuous
  • Surge protection (10,000A)

Product Descriptions

The Hydra Model-2 will perform its high-current power distribution and noise-reducing functions with any type of electronics and can be partnered with one of five different Power Snakes power cords-- to match any application and budget. The sophisticated Trident Defense System provides noise-reduction with Shunyata’s best six-element Venom filter array. These proprietary filters protect and isolate — without current limiting or manipulation.

The Hydra Model-2’s extremely high current capability and two-outlet size make it an ideal choice for mono-amplifiers and electronics that are remotely placed from the main system, such as video projectors, video monitors, phono-electronics, recording equipment, powered speakers etc.

Common to all Hydra models, is the Model-6’s 20-amp inlet connector, allowing each system and budget to dictate which of the five Power Snakes Pacesetter power cords will be ideal in a given application.


Shunyata Model-2

  • 2 cryogenically treated Venom silver outlets
  • 2400 watts @ 20amps continuous
  • Surge protection (10,000A)
  • Shunyata Venom noise filter
  • Silver/Teflon wiring
  •  20A IEC inlet
  • All metal chassis