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Usher R1.5 Stereo Power Amplifier

RM 13,350.00 RM 20,025.00

Input Sensitivity     : 1.6v for full rated output

input Impedance    : 67 kohms

Product Descriptions

The Usher Audio R1.5 power amplifier measures 48x48x22.5cm and its mass is a huge 40Kg. To deliver its full 150watts Rms, It requires 1.6volts signal level. Usher Audio have also biased this amplifier in pure class "A" mode. Because of the size of the power supply and the ultimate stability of the unit being able to deliver upto 75 amps of current, this amplifier will drive just about all of the lowest impedance loudspeakers in the world with ease. Just as Rolls Royce, the power this amp supplies could be described as "more than adequate". 

Furthermore this amplifier has been built to last evidenced by the superlative build quality. From the 40 output devices to the very well built mains transformer this amplifier reeks of overkill. This quality is not restricted to the internal components as the rear panel sports some of the best binding posts we have ever seen. Sound quality is again without peer at the price point as the amplifier displays very little of its own character. The equipment displays an extremely wide stereo image with some of the tightest bass reproduction, although bass extension is not curtailed, rather this is a full bodied power amplifier which deserves the finest ancillaries. 

If this amplifier is installed with care it can deliver a huge stereo sound stage with pace and detail. Aesthetics have not been sacrificed to performance, as is the norm in the industry. From its large grab handles to its enormous heatsinks, essential to keep the amplifier cool, this is a big amplifier. With a service organisation second to none Usher Audio have indeed got it right.


Usher R1.5 Stereo Power Amplifier

  • Input Sensitivity - 1.6v for full rated output
  • input Impedance - 67 kohms
  • Slew rate - up to 40v/us
  • Power supply at 4 ohms - up to 16 amps
  • Instantaneous current supply - up to 75 amps
  • Signal to noise ratio - < 100dB
  • Power Consumption (idle) - 175watts
  • Power Consumption (full rated power @ 8ohms) - 720 watts
  • Power Output 20hz - 20Khz @8ohms   
  •  150 watts RMS per channel (both channels driven)
  • Weight  : 40Kgs
  • Dimensions : 480 x 480 x 225mm