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Van Dul Hol The Second 1.0m

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Product Descriptions

The two centre conductors are made of identical groups of LSC, each containing 12,000 individually insulated fibers.

Besides the undisturbed and very good signal transmission per fibre, the individual insulation also much contributes to the high sound quality: no wild electron crossings between individual conductors subject to all kinds of boundary problems. The electrons move in one direction without side movements.

The insulation of both centre conductors is made of polyethylene foam in the colors white and brown. The special treated artificial filler fibres protect The SECOND against penetration of humidity; this keeps the capacitance stable and low.

The shield is made of 4 layers: two different groups of hectically wound dense silver coated OFC strands and 2 LSC saturated layers. This is the best possible shielding available; completely closed against any external signal penetration and with many advantages in the total construction itself.

The jacket is made of a nice light brown coloured HULLIFLEX, the best external insulation material we can think about.